theDesignGroup_furniture ideas

theDesignGroup_furniture ideas

our exclusive collection

Our long experience in the field of furniture and design led us design and manufacture furniture exclusively by Kaloterakis Company under the brand name theDesignGroup_furniture ideas. We are inspired by people, space, contemporary lifestyle, local tradition and culture. Our collection is continuously refreshed, enriched with new designs and materials which reflect not only the new trends in the furniture field but also the needs of the contemporary living. It includes furniture for the living room,the dining room, the bedroom or any other room of a private residence or a contract space. Our collection is extended to light fixtures, objects, textiles and materials which keep up with the "philosophy" of our furniture.

The collection of the DesignGroup_furniture ideas is presented in our 3.000 sqm showroom in Rethymno and at the home&design concept sore in Athens, the first furniture store in Greece which is set in a contemporary urban residence.


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